Stefan Molander

Stefan is the Master Franchise Owner for the Nordic countries. After a successful international career in the telecom and management consulting industry, he today builds communities of passionate successful entrepreneurs who want to expand their business and enjoy the good life.

His first contact with Referral Institute was in September 2009 after almost have networked himself to death. From that point he has been dedicated to help his clients to try Referrals for life.

His mission is to offer environments where people will grow, as business owners and also as human beings. A turning point in Stefan’s life was when one of his kids was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. This really changed his view and how to find ways to have more time with the family and at the same time build a successful business, a challenge that most business owners have. Today Stefan is dedicated to help his clients build the company of their dreams, have the type of clients they really want, getting paid for what they are worth and to make time for what is really important in their life’s

He lives with his wife, Christina and their 3 boys just outside Stockholm. He is on the board in the local basketball club. Sports are still a passion for Stefan and today he rides his road bike and mountain bike as often as possible.