Sandro Moor, Referral Institute Executive Circle

After his education and extended professional trainings, Sandro Marco Moor was the CEO of a family-owned housing technology company with over 50 employees.

As an entrepreneur with an expertise in strategic referral marketing, Sandro supports companies in the development of successful referral marketing strategies that bring them the business they really want.

As one of the first and youngest BNI directors, he was instrumental in the development and growth of BNI Switzerland. Since 2012, Sandro expanded his expertise and has been leading the Referral Institute Switzerland as the Master Franchise owner, and currently has 3 training-centers across the country.

Sandro’s personal goal is "To bring simple strategic resources to my referral partners, entrepreneurs, and people I like, that results in them having the lifestyle they want to create. This motivates me in all my activity."

He is married to his wife Sonja and has a daughter. In his leisure time Sandro loves sports. and has a keen interest in lifestyle.