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I am writing to you to congratulate you on the magnificent speech that you gave at the Referral Institute Conference. As you know I am a professional conference speaker and have had the honor of serving as the International President of the Global Speakers Association. In that role I have seen many speakers around the world and I rank your speech as up there among many of the best. Your story telling ability had the audience spell bound and the way you crafted a business message to work with your stories was compelling. Thanks again for a wonderful experience.

Kind regards,

Lindsay Adams, CSP

If you pigeonhole TR Garland as somebody who is "just" a Referral Marketing expert, you're making a big mistake. Yes, he is at the top of his game - and the whole industry - in terms of Referral Marketing, but that is just the beginning.

Before I move on to those things though, some quick statistics...

During my first month in his course, I **doubled** the number of referrals I had received over any month in the past few years. Three months in, I'm at about 400% increase in the number of qualified referrals I'm receiving - as well as the number of referrals that I'm passing to my valued referral partners.

I could go on and on about my results and just that part of our relationship, but I'm trying to keep this brief.

TR knows more about getting publicity than just about anybody I've ever met - and that includes a number of supposed PR experts. He is also extremely social media savvy and smart about marketing online in general.

Finally, TR is very bright, and critically, the one thing that ties everything else above together is that he has a wonderful heart, and does everything he can to help the people he meets.

You will be better off for knowing TR, period - so connect with him, and get involved with his teachings as soon as you can.

Scott Harvey
Honest Website Marketing, Orange County, CA

Dear Phil,

I would like to thank you for helping me out recently.

You are one person in my chapter who has been helping me out for 4 years now by providing referrals and whom I have a great relationship with both personally and as Veesham. I have been trying hard to give you referrals. Unfortunately, I just never seemed to meet the people you needed to meet and given I am office bound it seemed impossible I ever would.

I had a chat with you and asked how I could help because I was frustrated. I fundamentally believe in Giver Gain and needed to do something for you.

You told me what to do and how to do it. So I went away and applied it with the help of my wife Raakhi.

Within 1 week and with minimal effort I can proudly say I am walking into my chapter this week with 6 Referrals, all who have asked for you to call them because they have a need.

Not only is this the highest number of referrals I have ever given. I now have system I can use to help develop referrals for the other members I have been wishing to help.

I had heard you talk about generating referrals out of thin air and now I believe you.

Thank you.

Dheeraj Rupani, Managing Director
Vesham Printing Press

One year ago I discovered the opportunity starting the Referrals For Life® Program at Thomas Albrecht's Referral Institute Region Vienna/Austria. At this time I had no idea what to expect. Referral Marketing was completely new to me and so I was a little reserved. As a sales manager I said to myself that networking is a natural habit I perform every day, so what do they want to teach me.

After participating in the program for more than a year I have got the message. Now I know how to develop a referral partner network and how to activate my partners. Reciprocity and Givers Gain are the fundamentals. We support each other in identifying potential customers.

Certified Networker®, which is part of Referrals For Life®, has helped me to develop my referral marketing plan. Workshops like Referral Pipeline® and individual coaching put my plans into action. After half a year of implementing I have gained an additional revenue of € 25,000.-

Small and medium size companies looking for more business benefit substantially from the program held by Thomas Albrecht. Continuous support, accountability and focusing on my specific situation helped me in achieving my goals. I was always supported and motivated in my authenticity - this is in my opinion one of the key competencies of a high qualified consultant like Thomas has been perceived.

Referral Marketing and Creating Referrals For Life® has made a big difference in my life, it is definitely a new developed life style.

Michael Knorr
Dale Carnegie Austria

“Thank you Paula.

When I attended your Room Full Of Referrals workshop in Virginia this summer I quickly recognized that your presentation would be a tremendous value to my business. Bringing you to New York to present to my staff has been an essential business decision. My employees now recognize how to treat each customer that visits my retail kitchenware store in a fashion that they (the customer) want to be treated. As a result of this presentation I have noticed an increase in my sales and improved customer loyalty. As a sales team, understanding our own behavioral style as well as each other’s has made us much stronger. Thank you again for taking the time to share your passion with us.”

Cheryl Zinni, Owner
Spoon & Whisk

Dear Phil,

Thank you for your presentation. I would like to summarize the impact of your session for myself and our members.

Previously networkers would arrive at the event and either stick to who they knew or be intimidated by some groups. This stopped them from gaining the full, huge potential from the BBG events.

Since Phil spoke, I personally have learned how to approach different groups and people by recognizing their behavioral styles and adjusting my style to suit them. I also learned a lot about my own character and why sometimes I can feel uncomfortable in certain situations and more at ease in others. Just by transforming my thought process from what can I get from this person to what can I give them has made networking a pleasure.

Now I know how to get the best out of the BBG meetings and events.

I have expanded my network significantly which in time will lead me to more business and leads of a higher quality.

The BBG has seen networking event attendance increase over the last six months.

The feedback from the committee was very positive indeed.

Ben Goodman
Director Membership British Business Group

“My return on investment cannot be quantified in monetary terms. The whole concept of Referrals for Life is about upgrading your business, your life, being clear on whom you are, what you do, how you give value to your customers and getting that message across to your referral partners successfully. So, have I gained financially? Of course! AND I have more confidence networking, higher quality contacts and a network that challenges me to be a better person and grow personally and professionally.”

Carol Talbot
Matrix Training Solutions

Dear Referral Institute Tampa,

I always thought I was a pretty good networker, but after taking the Certified Networker Program, I learned there was so much more for me to learn.  I was constantly thinking to myself the phrase, "I never thought of it that way".  It was light bulb after light bulb moments going off in my mind.  I now use the phrase, "there's a big boot mark on my back from me kicking me, for not taking this incredible, eye opening, riveting course sooner! My presentations are power charged and I continue to get fantastic feedback and better yet, referrals! I can't remember the last time I had to cold call.  I highly recommend taking the Certified Networker Program and experience for yourself how life changing this information can be for you and your business.

Karen Christensen, Director of Membership Relations
Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce

Dearest Paula,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to write this testimonial for you, Holly, Neal and the Referral Institute.  Since our firms’ membership in your organization(s), we have learned to build a solid, executive referral team with purpose, vision and most importantly, accountability.

Of course, even all of the above would not be as important as the RESULTS which come from it!  Our revenue has grown in excess of 200% for the time period 1/1/08 through 12/31/09 as a result of your Referral marketing education for our firm.  We would have not moved so very close to the $1,000,000 revenue goal during 2010 would it not be for you, Holly and Neal!

In looking at the trend for 2010, we have already experienced 30% growth annualized as of March 31, 2010.  If this growth continues, we will break the $1 Million revenue barrier this year!  As a result, it is also safe to say that our Top Five team will be getting away to a warm and sunny place when this occurs…..all expenses paid, of course!

I can not express my gratitude enough to you and your team for all you have done and I am looking forward to bigger and better with all of you!  Of course, going to California and New Orleans always is a great way to learn and have fun with friends!

Bill Figaro, Partner
Anderson, Foltz & Figaro, CPAs

I just finished reading the entire book. I really did like it. It was the perfect finalization and review for AFTER taking the Referral Institute’s Certified Networker Program. Here is why:

As someone new to referral marketing, I suspected there was a better way, but had no idea what to do. I was fortunate enough to be referred to Laura Bruno and her work as a trainer and coach. Laura’s teaching of a proven method (Certified Networker Program) for consciously building a network of people for life to make business profitable AND fun was amazing. I did meet the goal of doubling my business in one year through referrals.

But I still needed a quick resource to review and fine tune the practice for continually building referrals. Networking Like a Pro serves as a perfect reference source. In one compact little book, the nuts and bolts are reviewed so that I can immediately apply techniques and ideas to real time situations and continuously improve my skills and results.

The Certified Networker Program and Networking Like a Pro are like bread & butter – you need them both to be satisfied.

Lynn Coffman
Coffman Valentine & Associates, Inc.

Dear Dawn,

I joined the Referral for Life® program in Jan 2009 because I wanted to take my business to the next level. Initially I was a bit daunted by the financial commitment, but my ROI happened within 45 days of joining the program! That gave me even more incentive to immerse myself in all the great programs and support the course had to offer.

What developed from the curriculum was I realized I had more to learn about my business than I thought. Through all the wonderful programs like Certified Networker® I began to define my target market in a way that I never thought about in the 9 years I have been in business. The Behavioral Styles Program® allowed me to communicate with my clients, and fellow networkers by learning their behavioral styles. I almost feel like I am cheating because I am armed with a secret weapon they do not necessarily have. And what a concept Pipeline® is, educating 4 – 8 referral sources to help build my business. In reality Pipeline™ is a huge time saver to develop a solid sales force with minimum people with maximum results.

All of these programs, combined with the monthly coaching call with Dawn Lyons make referral marketing predictable and fun. From the beginning, Dawn with laser precision revealed my business weaknesses and with a year-long targeted plan she has helped me stay on track. Does she kick butt? Thankfully yes. But she does it with compassion knowing when to push me to step up my game, or when to pull back and allow me to catch up.

I have spent literally thousands of dollars on print advertising and gained nothing. The Referral for Life® program has cost a fraction of that and I have gained a lifestyle and a partnership for life in my business.

Thank you Dawn!

Kathleen Horvath
5 Elements Group - http://www.5elementsgroup.com/

Hi Phil – I know this has been a long time coming, but I do not give testimonials for the sake of it, only when I have witnessed great service or benefit.

I am now into week 10 of the Referral Institute Certified Networker Programme, and am delighted with the results so far. I can categorise my ROI in 3 areas as below;

1. Financially – I received business to twice the value of my initial investment in the programme, within 4 weeks

2. Personally – I am 46 years of age, and quite honestly thought of myself as a good networker, therefore somewhat sceptical of the possible benefits of the programme. I also almost convinced myself that I really did not have time to commit to the programme for the full 12 weeks. How wrong I was ! I now have a full kit of referral tools that I can use with ease and confidence, giving me absolute certainty that 95% of my future business will come from referral marketing

3. My referral partners – I have already generated in excess of AED 700,000 for my referral partners via other members of the CNP programme – the calibre of the delegates is so high that I am convinced that number will grow and grow.

I could not recommend the programme more highly for anybody who actually wants to learn how to achieve real success in referral marketing, as long as you are willing to adopt all that is taught.

I wish you every success with the programme Phil, I will certainly re-enrol on an annual basis to ensure I keep the learning fresh !

Peter Cowan
RealTime Learning

With the Certified Networker Program of the Referral Institute I discovered the effectiveness of a strategic networking plan, how to instill word of mouth that produces really hot referrals. Compared to a traditional strategy starting with marketing, creating classical leads and after some effort to create appointments with more or less skeptical people, speaking to decision makers already waiting for my call is much more productive and of course makes a lot more fun. What I value most about the approach delivered at the Certified Networker Program people see my conversations with them as valuable themselves – increasing the trustworthiness in the business relation. The approach is absolutely in line with the human relationship principles described by Dale Carnegie. At the same time the number of meetings with significant business opportunities per week has doubled at least and still is increasing.

Dr. Clemens Widhalm, CEO
Dale Carnegie Training Austria

Dear Phil,

It was a golden opportunity to attend the Referral Success 101 workshop. Being a member with BNI for more than 3 years, I was a bit skeptical of the possible benefits that I can learn from the Referral Institute - beyond what I have already learned through BNI. However, I have found what I have got in terms of knowledge and experience about referral marketing was just the tip of the iceberg. I think it was a true eye-opener for me as a BNI member, and it was a total revelation for those who are not part of any Networking organization such as BNI.

Husam Jandel, Internet Business Consultant

Cathy Byrd, a historical & green general contractor, after 3 Modules of the Certified Networker Program, cut her work week from 6 days a week (which she had been doing for 12 years) to 4.5 days a week. She also did a single activity from the Networking Scorecard for a $200,000 referral!

Cathy Byrd, Green General Contractor

I joined BNI in 2005 right after my wife and I had purchased our business. Shortly thereafter I learned about the Certified Networker Program, bit the bullet and registered for the course though money was tight.

The Certified Networker Program literally took our business vertical and sent it to the next level. In our first year following completion of the course and using what I had learned our business increased over 30%. In the following year, it increased another 40%. And we have never looked back.

Because of Certified Networker, I was able to obtain my dream car (a 1987 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur), built my company from 3 to 7 employees, and we presently have over 75% of our business coming from referrals. Using what I learned in Certified Networker I have created my own network of endless referrals. I have not made a cold call in years, and I know that I will never have to again. This is part of why I REFUSE to participate in a recession, and why I owe so much to BNI and the Referral Institute.

The benefits and rewards of the Certified Networker Program have stayed with me long after the investment in the course has been forgotten. From organizing, to developing useful and effective habits, to how to handle a business mixer and turn it into closed business… and more business based on that; the tools, techniques and skills I learned in Certified Networker will last a lifetime. They have even benefited my personal life as I learned a lot about how to interact with my family and friends in much more positive ways given the course is actually about the relationship development process.

I would recommend this program to ANYONE in business without reservation.. Assuming that is, that they want to see an amazing growth in their business, and that growth continue to accelerate for years on end!

Dr Jeff Parker
St. Pete Computers

“As most of us have spend our daily activities in the past on working directly on prospects the Certified Network Program has helped me to shift my actions towards developing long term beneficial relationships with other professional non-competing businesses. This help me to grow my business further it will also offer a better balanced work-family life. If you want to run your business and personal life more smart you need to explore the Certified Networking Program!”

Robert van der Putten
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives – Clearwater

I credit Laura Bruno, of Referral Institute SoCal, for the signing of two national accounts (four national brands). Prior to starting the Certified Networker course, I had a couple of contacts at two giant organizations but was never really able to get the traction I needed. By engaging some of my clients and getting my “ask” in gear, I was able to motivate the contacts I had at the corporate headquarters of these two organizations with high level referrals (12 or higher) from my local clients. The development of these two relationships should account for a minimum of $400,000 in growth over the next 18 months and a potential growth of $1,200,000 over the same period. The good news is, how fast we grow is now up to us. This growth does not account for additional relationships blossoming as a result of our applying the techniques we learned through the Certified Networker Course.

Bryce Ebeling
Money Mailer of Temecula Valley

" The use of the tools like the Networking Scorecard helped me receive closed business in the amount of $10,000.00 just by calling to say hello."

Catherine Price


The opportunities that have come forward from your Referrals for Life Class have been wonderful! The best part is cold calling is no longer a part of my scheduled week. The class has given me a way to strategize how to effectively "work less, play more, and double my income"!

Not only are you in class to learn referrals for life, you are with professionals with the same high standards in motivation and the need to learn the most efficient way to handle their business day. To meet this type of person and have lasting referral relationships from working side by side in the classroom alone is a great benefit.

After sharing my business plan with my District Manager she decided that I would be the best fit to service accounts that agents are no longer working in the field. That will be a significant increase in business for me.

Again, thank you for the opportunity, I am glad this is a year long program or I believe I would be going through withdrawal pains right now!

Libby Elliott, Agent

“I have known about the Certified Networker program for six years, but to be truthful I thought it was quite expensive. From the very first module my eyes were opened to new and exciting ways to promote my company. In the two weeks following module 3, I was able to track $14,532 in closed business that we earned due to techniques learned directly from the Certified Networker program! Since starting these classes, I have seen a dramatic increase in closed business and money earned, and now I truly believe that I can earn more money while working fewer hours.

“I used to worry about spending money to attend classes on marketing. Now I worry about how much income I missed out on by waiting six years to take this course.”

Richard Vazquez
Artisan Insurance Group

Dear Tom,

College taught you all you needed to know in order to practice your profession, but only the Certified Networker Program can teach you how to reach the people who need YOU.

I was trying to formulate a business plan for our company Florida West Insurance, and frankly I was struggling. Struggling to get across our message, struggling to set goals, and struggling to implement a real plan to grow the business!

We also needed a good follow up plan to keep in touch with our current clients!

After the first module of Certified Networker, I was able to figure out exactly why I am in the insurance business and it was the start of a true business plan that helped me to design our web site, brochures, newsletter and other marketing materials to show the passion we have for protecting our families through the use of insurance.

Personally, I think everyone who is planning or dreaming of starting their own business should take Certified Networker.

This course helps you to define your reason for being in business and teaches you all the important lessons necessary to KEEP you in business and being successful!

Certified Networker is guaranteed to work for every single person in business.

Our business grew from $600,000 to $2.1 million in 22 months.

If you are reading this testimonial and still have not signed up for Certified Networker because of the time and money then let me just say this.

In today’s market you need every single edge you have to set yourself apart from your competition, and if you do not take the time to invest in this course now, then it is quite possible that you will have more than enough time in the future .

Invest in yourself and in your future. Take the Certified Networker Course!

Dianna L Gilley
Florida West Insurance Inc

Annual business revenue has increased more than 30%, which has made the cost of the Certified Networker Program a real bargain.”

Andy Gill


I just wanted to let you know that I am enrolled in the Referrals for Life program in the Southeast Florida Region. Working with Duard and Leo for the past year has changed my life in such a powerful way. I have created a world that I have dreamed about. I held an event last week where 15 – 20 people stood up and said what a difference they see in me and how I have changed their life in some way. I owe it all to these programs. I have been trying to create significance in their world to create a better real estate market in South Florida. If every mortgage broker and real estate broker practiced only 20% of what is taught through your programs I know we would not be in the credit crunch we are in today. I just wanted to let you know they are doing an amazing job and your commitment as well as theirs to change the business world through relationships is absolutely amazing.

Kevin Tacher
Independent Title & Escrow, Inc

“ I made a phone call to a foreman with a large commercial general contractor and ended up with an order for about $6500.00 worth of Palms…“

Darin Merkle
Genesis Landscale Services, Inc.

I am a partner in a business consulting firm called The Pivotal Factor. Today, I participated in a 2-hour phone seminar with Victoria Trafton. I wanted to learn how to expand my business using referrals.

I have been a consultant for 22 years. In all of that time, my business has expanded solely on the basis of referrals. Victoria demonstrated how I could do an even better job with less effort. I was amazed at her ability to ask questions that produced new insights for me. Additionally, she gave me advice about potential business opportunities in areas I hadn't even thought of, even though her business experience is not in my field of expertise. I was quite impressed.

Victoria created an environment in which I felt safe to talk about my needs. And all of this over the phone! I can only imagine her power face to face.

Larry Barkan
The Pivotal Factor

“… my phone was ringing, the people I had called were calling me back with referrals and wanting to hire me for additional work. Within the 1st 4 weeks of the program, I was able to make $7,000. Thanks to the increase in my business, my usual week I spend vacationing in the Bahamas is now going to become two trips, one in the summer and one in the winter, for a total of two weeks full of sun and fun.” Bill Burgess A+ Cable Runner Inc in 2009. (last year, he spent 40+ days in the Bahamas)

Bill Burgess
A+ Cable Runner Inc.

“I have gone from receiving 2 referrals a month to receiving 2 referrals a week… and these referrals are actually becoming listings for me, and this is typically my slowest time of the year. The Certified Networker Program, and Tiffanie Kellog, have helped me make more money while working with the clients I love to work with. Thank you so much!”

Terry Burkot
Residential Realtor

Your Winning the Referral Game Tele-seminar last Friday was exactly what I was looking for. I now know that I can focus on a few referral partners rather than trying to contact as many people as possible. Answering the client’s “What’s In It For Me?” helped me formulate what to say to get their attention and get my point across. From your seminar attendees, I have two names. The first didn’t sound too promising when I talked to him. The second consultant (Larry Barkan) and I have talked extensively on the phone and he has given me the name of another consultant to talk to. And he has three clients that he will talk to about me.

Skip Reedy

Referral Pipeline showed me a systematic way to build my referral business. I know exactly how many referrals I need to achieve my revenue goal and what I need to do to get them. With this simple system, I plan to double my referral business every two months for the next year!! Thanks for the incredible business building tool!

Victoria Trafton, President
People in Charge

“I love Tiffanie Kellog! As soon as I started using the techniques she taught me, I started pulling them in!!! Those clients will result in additional revenue in the realm of $50,000.00 - $75,000.00.”

Melissa Sosa, Esq.

Dear Armand:

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to finally feel stress free! I have been in business for 3 years now and always feeling the stress of not moving forward. I have been spending money which has been adding up to thousands of dollars and not really seeing a return. Finally, I decided enough was enough and needed to try something new.

After only 3 sessions with you, I began to It has had an impact on my business, my personal relationships and has allowed me to be more productive at home and in the office by showing me how to create referrals without taking up my time.realize the importance of my referral based business and the impact it would have on my business once I changed what I needed too. Although I had the right ideas, I was not applying them correctly. Today, after three months of working with you, I use a totally different approach when speaking with potential customers and or business associates and my referral business has shown the increase.

This has been a fun experience with new twists and turns, and with your knowledge and skills, you were able to give me the space when I needed time to implement my new knowledge, and then you were able to move quickly when I needed to move.

Thank you so much for your time, patience and understanding.

Allen Chouinard
C.A.N.E. Environmental Consulting Services, LLC

“Being immersed in the Certified Networker Program has given me the tools, motivation, and momentum to drive my career from "survival mode" to opening my own financial services agency! I've been able to increase my revenue 4 fold & identify and strengthen my network.”

Celeste Clancy, Financial Advisor

Dear Denise,

Thank you for your time and effort associated with the Certified Networker Program as instructor. I enjoyed each of your sessions and benefited each week in a different way. My business is certain to grow from my involvement in the Certified Networker Program.

As a Certified Financial Planner®, I established my practice as a sole practitioner. With the level of regulation and documentation increasing in my industry, I find my time to build my practice decreasing with every new client. This program provided me tools to build new relationships and leverage existing ones to gain new business on a more efficient manner. More importantly, the business I receive from these relationships tends to be more profitable than any other source. After taking this program, I am in the process of building a repeatable process to create an ongoing referral and network marketing plan.

This class would be beneficial for any professional looking to succeed in a competitive industry. As of the end of the August 2005, I have submitted enough business to qualify for Million Dollar Round Table. My future success, and growth, depends upon the improvement of my target marketing strategy and referral network. The Certified Networker Program has laid the foundation for my marketing strategies in 2006 and beyond.

Michael J. McGlothlin, ChFC, CLU, CFP

“Certified Networker has helped me become more confident in networking and especially speaking about my services; and, now because I tell businesses how "I help" I earned a $30,000 client.”

Jill Andress
Promotional Products

Room Full of Referrals was an incredible experience.. I think the realization of how I am perceived (because of my behavioral style) is what has impacted me the most. I have always been very in tune when interacting with others; acknowledging tendencies, various opinions, etc. however after taking Room Full of Referrals I now feel as though I understand the "why" behind our differences. People are often uncomfortable or annoyed by things they do not understand. In the past I would adapt to situations because I knew I had to in order to get to where I wanted to go. After taking Room Full of Referrals I stand a bit taller each day because I now have the ability to identify behavioral styles prior to speaking to someone for the first time, in return helping me speak with confidence. I would recommend Room Full of Referrals to all who are looking to better understand and communicate in all facets of life. Ultimately this training will help you make more money, fully appreciate those around you, and be the driving force to a happier life.

Emily Oltmann

Dear Dawn:

I just wanted to send you a testimonial letter regarding the Pipeline seminar I recently attended. I have been through the seminar twice before in 2002 and 2003. At that time I found it to be beneficial to my business.

Wow! The recent improvements you have made to the seminar are fantastic. The addition of the personality profiles, the changes in the identifying portion of the seminar, and direct mail have made this training even more powerful.

The revised seminar teaches a predictable system that improves bottom line results and solves problems using relationships. And, it was fun to do! I would recommend this seminar to anyone who cannot use traditional advertising and counts on referrals to grow their business.

Victor Clarke

“I was able to streamline my client profiles to target my best clients & determine my target market. This helped me increase my business by over $1.5 million in sales revenue and $45,000 in actual revenue.”

Tim Hanavan
ReMax Realty

During the first two hours of the program...My entire business changed. They took me through a process that showed me that my referral partners will help me generate over $1.2 million in business over the next year!

Kimberly Wemmer
SalesPartners Arizona

“… Because of the new business and the increased organizational skills I have received as a result of this training, I was recently able to take a two-week vacation to Hawaii and leave my laptop computer at home, and only make minimal check-ins by phone with my office. That is a first for me. What a dream come true to actually be on vacation when I am on vacation. I have two more 10-day vacations coming up before the end of the year, and I look forward to being able to do the same again.”

Samantha Chechele, Attorney at Law

As part of the BNIWCF Training team, I find that this knowledge comes in very handy when teaching a course in front of a large group of people.

Instead of applying the same approach to the entire group, I now find it easier to relate to individuals within the group and hold their attention longer. Hopefully this helps them to get more out of the class.

Richard Vazquez

Dear Patrick,

Remember Dawn’s example about using her behavioural understanding to clinch a deal with someone who came to her home for a business meeting? Well, I had a somewhat difficult deal to win on Wednesday (the day after the course). With her story fresh in my mind. I followed her example and advice and the client immediately decided to engage me to sell his company. I am sending out an agreed engagement letter today (Thursday) and the deal will get underway within a fortnight. Over the next six months, this one deal will probably net me a minimum of €15,000 after costs! It may not have happened if I had not attended the course. So, Dawn and Mike’s visit to Dublin on 1 March 2005 was very worthwhile for this participant! Please let them know.

Michael Kealy
FCCA Company Solutions

“Since the program I have been much more efficient with my time at networking events. Now I go in with a goal of how many meetings I want to establish. I have reduced my time from 1.5 hours to 30 minutes.”

Barb MacLean
Redefine Leadership

I have used RFR two different ways. First off, as an attorney, I can better communicate with my clients and understand how they think. It helps quicken the process of building the trust between attorney and client. Second of all, when I have my client testify, I'm able to explain there are different personality types and the way they present their testimony may not resonate with the jury of the judge. Its all a work in progress.

George Harder, Esq.

The Certified Network Program is a must for business owners and sales professionals. Since taking the course, I have increased my sales 85% and at the same time established personal relationships that will last a lifetime.

Eddie Drescher, MDRT
Northwestern Mutual

“More Money = more employees! Hired 2 employees in less than a year, now hiring another. Goal when sarting CNP was hiring more employees and we are. :) (can't wait until we hire a DESIGNER to help me!)”

Tonya Lonsbury
Juice Marketing & Design

A Success story for me is everyday.....I am finding it easier to converse with my customers after just spending just a minute or two with them because when I determine what style they are I can react accordingly.....example:

I had a 78 year old lady in my store the other day and instead of wanting to try and sell her something I just sat back and listened because she was an examiner and asked TONS of questions.....before I thought this not going to be a sale but rather a 20 question quiz with nothing to follow....I took all the time she needed and answered all her questions AT HER PACE and when we were done she said " you know, I think i'll go ahead and upgrade my phone here because your not the typical salesperson who is aggressive and I feel comfortable with you"......SCORE !!!!!

Matt Wilkerson

I know that I am a go getter with a lot of promoter in me as well.

I just recently had a nurturer referred to me from the chiropractor in our group. I came out and spoke to her about her home and told her what I thought the property was worth. This was to her surprise $25,000 more than the other agent that she was going to go with. I referred her to the appraiser that is in our group and said that he would do an appraisal for a discount an that I felt that she would benefit in getting one done. She got the appraisal and it came in right where I had said.

To my surprise when I called her to see if she had decided who she was going to list with she was STILL going to list with the agent that would have potentially lost her $25,000 if I had not come in and talk with her but she was a nurturer and she had promised her three years earlier when she had done a refi and this agent helped her out that if she ever went to sell her home that she would use her. I was needless to say SHOCKED!

What I said next to her was I mean no harm to this other agent but have you thought about this agent could have potentially cost you $25,000.00 and one of two things happened either she didn't know your market or she didn't take the time to educate herself before she came out to meet with you. Is that the same agent that you want negotiating on your behalf? She told me she would sleep on it and call me in the morning. I showed her that the agent she was going to use didn't take the time to really educate herself on what the home was worth. She ended up using me and calling me the next day after talking with several of her friends who all told her to go with me. :) I was patient with her but showed her what was at stake in a nice but effective way.

We got the property under contract in one week and closed on it in 30 days for the price that I told her she would get!


Michelle Cline

I found the course to be an extraordinary experience. The information was fresh and very useful and the interaction among class members was stimulating and thought provoking. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is serious about making word-of-mouth marketing work for his or her business.

Mark Fulton

The Room Full of Referral program was an eye-opening experience in many ways. The program requires you to not only take a serious look at how your behavior style is affecting yourself, but also how it is being perceived by others. It has immediately helped my ability to comprehend the difference I have with others and how I can pivot my approach to more effectively work with other personality types.

Zachary Hobby

I have experienced personality and behavior workshops before, but they were basically a listing of personality types with no useful information and no way to apply the information to the real world. This workshop is different! The unique presentation and Dawn’s engaging style created a fun atmosphere where behavioral styles were made clear and easy to understand. This workshop helped me to realize exactly why I was having trouble communicating with people who are not like me. I have incorporated some new ideas into my business based upon what I learned. I am already developing business relationships with people that would have been difficult for me before I attended this event. Every person in business should be required to take this behavior style workshop.

Karen Frank, Writer/Director
Miss Karen’s Productions

The Behavior Styles workshop was excellent! The information I learned will be used immediately. I would highly recommend this course to my staff and colleagues. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Thanks again!

Dr. David Cruz
Spine & Sports Clinic

I was amazed at how something I've heard in different ways, many times before could be done in such a different way. I am much more knowledgeable about personality traits and how they affect things in my professional, as well as personal life, after Dawns entertaining presentation. Being able to 'read' a potential client is vital to sales success, not to dupe them, but to better serve them at their level so they understand the product or service that you offer on their 'home field' versus the salesman’s.

Dawn is a dynamic, interactive, professional, fun and incredible trainer. She doesn't just regurgitate information, she draws you into the material and let's you see how it works first hand, without you even realizing it.

Chuck Hull
Midwest National

What makes this workshop a winner is that it engages the audience in an uplifting way. When we are learning and having fun at the same time, the lesson sticks. Dawn’s vitality takes learning to another level. A MUST for all your members!

Patti Salvucci, Executive Director

I approach every interaction now with the intention of operating on the Platinum Rule.

Realizing that a customer had the exact same Behavioral Style, I closed a $1200 job without a second bid even being asked for.

#the power of learning

Daniel H. Osborne

Dear Denise and Hazel:

I wanted to let you know how much my life has changed since taking your Referral Dynamics, twice. The first 12 week class brought to the foreground what really is my “target market?” I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and see where my passion might lie. As you know I chose the “Baby Boomer” era and their aging parents. After completing the class I became the only person in our company to hold the designation of a Century 21 MatureMoves® Specialist. I then took it one step further and acquired the national designation as a Senior Real Estate Specialist. Out of 6,000 realtors in the Indianapolis area only 57 realtors hold that designation. I started marketing to my target market.

I am now currently enrolled in the class for the second time. This time I brought with me 3 new students/referral partners and 1 graduate of my previous class. I was so excited about the class that I wanted to educate them on how the Referral dynamics could help them grow in their business, change their life and most importantly how to become a referral partner with others.

What it has done for me now is to further define and bring absolute clarity as to who is my target market. I want to work with like-minded professional business women who own their own business or are corporate executives who live a very busy life. She may be an empty nester wanting to downsize or may have the responsibility of caring for her parents to add to her already over scheduled life. I want to be the first name that she thinks of as her trusted advisor to help her through the process of her next real estate transaction.

I want to thank the both of you for your incredible insight into the networking process and your ability to communicate the techniques in a complete and understandable manner. There is no question that the two of you are changing the many lives you touch with your program by your presentation skills and true caring for the success of your students. When I meet a businessperson who is serious about growing their business, I highly recommend them to take your program. I can’t thank you enough for bringing back the passion in my life.

Thank you,

Terry Musso