Thomas Albrecht

Thomas is the Master Franchise Owner of the Germany and Austria Referral Institutes. He became a franchise owner in 2009. Before that he studied communication engineering and used to work for Siemens in leading management positions for 14 years. He holds several international publications on Computer Aided Design.

Getting in touch with the Referral Institute was a major shift in Thomas' life. He found his own personal Emotionally Charged Connection. When he became an entrepreneur he experienced that to many business owners have not enough time for their kids and families. Thomas had the chance and luck to break this pattern in his life.

This is exactly what he wants to achieve for his clients with the Referral Institute: Saving priceless time by having the right clients you can easily and very successfully work with.

Thomas has three sons and lives with his wife Karin in Vienna, Austria. He loves skiing, philosophy, brain physiology and driving his convertible. Recently he found, with his son Jonas, a new passion - Karate.